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Raising Backyard Chickens For Beginners: 5 Things To Know

Posted by Megan VerHelst, Patch Staff on Apr 16th 2021

Raising Backyard Chickens For Beginners: 5 Things To KnowACROSS AMERICA - Raising backyard chickens has become increasingly popular in urban and suburban neighborhoods throughout the United States. Whether it's for eggs, meat, a side gig selling eggs, or a new way to keep pets, Americans can't see …

6 Basics for Chicken Coop Design

Posted by May 2, 2020Author : Erin Phillips on Apr 15th 2021

6 Basics for Chicken Coop Design - Backyard PoultryAdd to Favorites When thinking about basic chicken coop design, you need to consider six main things. Whether you plan to construct a high-end, designer chicken coop or something basic, you'll need to keep your birds safe from predators. You must gi …

21 Essential Backyard Chicken Supplies for Your Flock

Posted by By Randall Tompkins on Apr 15th 2021

21 Essential Backyard Chicken Supplies for Your FlockMaintaining your own flock of backyard chickens is rewarding in a few ways. They make interesting pets and dynamic lawn ornaments that also provide fresh food for your family. They're relatively low maintenance once you make a few key decisions …


Posted by Posted by Melissa Caughey on March 4, 2013 Visit Tilly's Nest on Apr 15th 2021

Spring Cleaning: 11 Steps to a Clean Chicken Coop | Community Chickensby Melissa Caughey of Tilly's Nest As the weather warms up, the coop begins to call out. Along with spring cleaning around the house and yard, our chicken coop also receives a good deep cleaning a few times per year, especially …


Posted by By Carrie Miller on March 19, 2019 Visit Miller Micro Farm on Apr 15th 2021

Coop cleaning 101 | Community ChickensCoop Cleaning 101: The most important role in chicken keeping is to protect yourself while also protecting your flock. Coop cleaning safely is a must! Poultry, such as chickens, ducks, and turkeys can carry Salmonella among other harmful bacteria. You can easi …