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Terms of Sale

Silkie Information and Terms of Sale by paying this invoice or purchasing from Amber Waves, you agree that you have read these terms and agree to them.

General Information

  • We do not hold any bird without full payment.
  • All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges.
  • We can board birds sold for $10 per bird per month or any part of a month. Space is limited, so check for availability.
  • Not all chicks thrive, and sometimes things happen. If your chick becomes ill or sick, we reserve the right to replace the chick with another chick; it may or may not be the same color or refund the purchase price of that one bird.
  • Baby chicks are very fragile; we do not replace under a month chick that dies.


Amber Waves has increased our biosecurity due to the Newcastle outbreak a few years ago that quarantined most of Southern California and now the Covid pandemic. We are not doing tours or accepting any visitors for chickens currently. All Birds will be delivered in the driveway.

Shipping Birds

  • We ship within the Continental US, and export where allowed.  Shipping is always contingent on the weather.
  • We ship USPS Priority Express mail.  
  • The USPS will NOT insure live birds.  They will only refund postage if the birds are more than three days late.
  • If you have any questions regarding the USPS bird shipping policy, you can contact them through their website or call them to ask about Live Bird Shipping.
  • Once the box/birds leave my hands, I have no control over how the USPS will treat them.  I do not refund for dead/injured birds on arrival.
  • We only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays and never in a week with a Holiday In it.
  • We can give you the USPS estimated delivery time, but they fail to make this most of the time.  Be aware that, their tracking system is inferior and is never up to date.
  • We put plenty of fresh fruit in with the chicks/birds; they have food and liquid for the trip.
  • Shipping charges are change frequently with increases from the USPS. See our web site under shipping for current charges.
  • We always refund postage overages if it is more than $5.00. We also will bill for any additional postage charges over $5.00.
  • You can fit two adult silkies or several chicks in one box. This is subject to change with postage increases.
  • All chicks must be at least one month of age to ship and we prefer them to be older.
  • Shipping Minimum order is 2+; however, it is better to ship more chicks in a box.


  • Pickup is by appointment only. After you purchase you silkies we will send you two emails. One on care and the other on how to make an appointment to pick up you birds. We will be delivering your bids in the driveway.
  • We have no minimum age or quantity for chicks picked up at Amber Waves

Vaccinations and Diseases

  • We vaccinate our chicks for Mareks.  Please Note that the Marek's vaccine is not 100% effective, and even treated birds may later contract Marek's if the disease is present on your property.  Marek's is quite common and often present in backyard flocks yet remains undetected because the flock is resistant to the disease. We will not replace chicks that show symptoms of Marek's after they are shipped.
  • Quarantine all birds received from Amber Waves should be quarantined and observed for at least 30 days before exposing them to your chicken flock.

Hatching Eggs

  • We do not sell hatching eggs.

Payments Accepted

  • Cash, Checks, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover, and PayPal


All Prices subject to change without notice.