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Wing Band 20-1282 [Black] DNA Sexed Female Bearded Bantam Silkie Chick

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DNA Sexed Female
Bearded Bantam Silkie Chick

Color: Black
Mareks Vaccinated
DNA Submitted 12/17/20




  • The minimum to ship is two, shipping is weather dependent.  
  • You also need the following to add to your order if you require shipping.
  • Box Shipping Box, Includes fresh fruit also
  • Postage 
  • You can fit as many chicks in the box for the same price as will fit safely for shipping.



  • After we receive your order we will send you two emails, one on care and the other on how to make an appointment to pick up your chicks.
  • We supply the box to take them home.
  • We are not accepting visitors right now and will deliver your chicks in the driveway while there is a pandemic still going on.


Why the price difference in chicks?

  • The way we price our chicks is we take all the costs and divide them by the number of females.  The males we just give away, to good homes.
  • The more females the lower the cost per chick.
  • In general, there are always more males than females

Chicks Age

  • We do not track the ages of the chicks we hatch.  They are hatching all the time, and they are too small to wing band at birth.
  • You can estimate about 2-3 weeks of age back from the Date of the DNA test to get a rough idea of age.