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Wing Band 2465 Blue Bearded Bantam Silkie DNA Sexed Female

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Breed:  Purebred Bearded Bantam Silkie
Sex: Female (DNA Certificate)
Color: Blue
Approximate Hatch-Date: 
Mareks Vaccination


  • The minimum to ship is two, shipping is weather dependent.  
  • You also need the following to add to your order if you require shipping.
  • Box with shipping
  • You can fit as many chicks in the box for the same price as will fit safely for shipping.



  • After we receive your order we will send you two emails, one on care and the other on how to make an appointment to pick up your chicks.
  • We supply the box to take them home.
  • We are not accepting visitors right now and will deliver your chicks in the driveway while there is a pandemic still going on. 

Why the price difference in chicks?

  • The way we price our chicks is we take all the costs and divide them by the number of females.  The males we just give away, too good homes.
  • The more females the lower the cost per chick.
  • In general, there are always more males than females

Chicks Age

We do not track the ages of the chicks we hatch.  They are hatching all the time, and they are too small to wing band at birth