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Wing Band 3474 [Partridge] DNA Sexed Female Bearded Bantam Silkie Chick

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Breed: Bearded Bantam Silkie
Sex:  DNA Sexed Female Chick
Color: Partridge
Date Listed: 7/18/21
Vaccine: Mareks

Shipping and Pickup Instructions




  • USPS shipping has temperature restrictions and can only ship when temperatures are less than 80 degrees throughout the entire shipping process. Please note that birds have a much higher tolerance to cold temperatures than hot ones.
  • Orders placed in July, August, and September will have a 30-90 day wait before shipping.  The delay in shipping is to allow our temperatures in California to fall to safe levels for shipping. You will receive an email within 72 hours with your birds' shipping date.  This date will be subject to change depending on the weather.
  • Boarding chicks is  $15 per bird per month.  Please note that birds are living creatures, and sometimes things happen out of our control. Should your chick die or becomes too ill to ship, we reserve the right to refund that particular bird or replace it with a similar chick.


  • Many of our customers have used personal transport services to ship their birds to them.  They travel in air conditioning direct from our ranch to your doorstep. It is more expensive.
  • Here is the link to request a quote Amber Waves is only providing this link as a service to our customers. We take no responsibility for this company.
  • To request a quote, tell them you have a 200 Crate (you need to purchase or we can and bill you), and the birds need to be picked up at 1320 Mountain Ave, Norco, CA, and delivered to your address.